A passion for coffee

My favorite Poole pottery coffee pot
Blue Moon

The water jug
both Standerwick booty

As I spend so much time drinking coffee, I know what I like, it has to be good and hot, full of flavour, with a dreamy creamy frothy head.  So I tend to go out for coffee. Ahhhh... the satisfaction of that first cup of the day! If I made fresh coffee everyday at home it just wouldn't be the same. I would miss the cosy corner, the smell of the coffee brewing and the reasuring din of the machine. And what if disaster struck, and I damaged one of my cherished beauties (see above) in the process! No, my china is for oogling and for playing with lids. Each has a distinct style and mood but I always come back to the Poole Pottery Contour, Blue Moon. Its calming lines are just fab, very elegant,  and that dainty lid, perfect for tinkering with.

So, it's off to the cafe to kick start the day and then a quick zip past as many charity shop shelves as there is time for, whilst pretending to do important things like post letters an go to the bank.

Here are some of my more recent finds. Mainly from charity shops in the area, Standerwick booter and the odd flea!

A shrine?
More Standerwick booty, portobello
and Frome charity
Shepton Flea
Shepton Flea

The best cuppa in town
Try the following cafe's in Frome, they are all central and near the hot spots, Catherine Hill, Cheap St. Set yourself up for the hunt or take a break! Stardust, Garden, Diva, Little Red, La Strada and Number 7 on the bridge, not forgetting the newly opened Costa.