Frome Flea

 It is easy to get carried away with it all at Frome Flea! There is so much temptation every where you turn. Great quality stalls and plenty of them.  I deserted my family straight away as some blue Poole Pottery caught my eye. I had hardly looked at it before I was drawn to a sparkling mirrored plinth, could I find somewhere to fit this into my life? a set of quirky, cool, lepoard skin dinning chairs and a Johnson Brothers dinner service, the lovely butterfly seat above, countless pieces of coloured glass and past times trinkets. I was then distracted by my eldest who became very taken with a beautiful but stuffed pheasant,
there was relief when she finally went for a tiny silver coloured dragon, her first flea purchase, well done! Not to be outdone by her sister our youngest searched high and low until she found a little ceramic shepherdess she just had to have. Happy with their finds there was a little more time for searching. Finally we discoved this stunning glass lamp stand that just had to come home, it took a bit of haggling, of course, we met eachother somewhere in the middle, and all it needs now is a shade...........There was  just enough cash so we could grab a coffee and a shake, of course. Every where was jammed but the Number 7 had a table free outside (no, I didn't know they had an outside either. I'll call it intimate), overlooking the river. Perfect on such a glorious day! Lovely to bump into so many of our friends and happy birthday Giles!